21 01 2010

azza vulcan

azza vulcan

A true gamer is not only considered essential hardware installed in the computer games system.

External appearance and certain specifications is also required specifically to support the overall computer system performance.
Recently a case of casing CBM games producers, offering a casing games for computer users, especially gamers. This type of casing or casing Middle Tower Case with medium size for a micro ATX mainboard up with Full ATX.
When compared with normal casing, a casing CBM gamer usually has the following characteristics:
– Materials used are aluminum / iron specially coated with a thickness between 0.8 mm to 0.9 mm. This will remove the material inside the casing heat faster.
– Having a system airflow (air circulation) is good.
– Easy installation, usually called Tooless
– Having enough room so that the installation of computer components relieved fairly easily and quickly.
– Have an attractive design and usually tend to futuristic.
CBM casing games Azza “Vulcan” is very appropriate with the theme of robots that are loved today.This casing model similar to the robots in the Transformers movie. With the dominant color of black and silver (chrome), this view will be very interesting when “the robot” shines because it added a bright blue lights from the fan (fans) a rotating casing games.
One of the hallmarks of this casing CBM gamer is the on / off, reset, USB front panel, and the audio is top of the front panel, so that when the position of your CPU under the table, when it will turn the computer users are not too bent. Besides access when installing / removing the USB flash become easier.
Although the Middle-size ATX, this casing cbm azza vulcan can still be used to install the High End VGA-VGA which has the dimensions of an average size of more than 30 cm. In some cases we encountered, casing ATX Middle size standards can not be fitted with a High End VGA because it would hit the steel panels where installed hard disk.
In the sales package, the casing CBM is not included with the power supply. Thus, users must buy their own components. Users can select the power supply in accordance with needs. Instead, choose a power supply has been diversified to true power.
Despite having a pretty good specs and use the materials of sufficient quality, the price offered casing CBM Azza “Vulcan” is pretty cheap, only sign approximately USD 60 . You will not be disappointed with the quality of this case because it is very feasible for the media storage devices such as motherboards, hard drives, optical drives, and others.

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